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Insensitive Munitions Trials

Radnor is able to carry out the full range of tests as described in STANAG 4439 and AOP39 necessary in the IM classification of Ordnance …

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UN Series Testing

Radnor is able to carry out an extensive list of tests as described in the UN Manual of Tests (Orange Book)…

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Explosive Composition Trials

Radnor is able to carry out the large scale tests necessary to qualify an explosive composition for military use (as defined in AOP7 and STANAG 4170)

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Research and Prototype Facility

Radnor has recently commissioned a small-scale explosives manufacturing facility.

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Armoured Vehicle Testing & Evaluation

Unlike many range facilities, armoured vehicles can be dual tested on site, to all blast and ballistic standards to meet the full spectrum of defence and security armoured vehicle standards.

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Vehicles and Weapons

Hardstanding for tracked and wheeled vehicles and multiple firing points and targetry

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Blast Testing

This includes endurance trials and endurance failure, depression firing and the processing of data analysis …

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Infrastructure and Security

Testing of National Infrastructure, engineered and material samples, containers, locks, doors and other security products

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Ballistic Range, Weapons Systems & Materials Testing

Radnor, an independent and MoD approved test house and DSTL approved trials range, offers the ability to test any calibre or projectile up to and including 40mm at any range from 1m out to 2,500m on the same site.

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Other Capabilities

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