• Radnor Range is proud to announce that we have a newly-commissioned Indoor Range for Armoured Vehicle Ballistic Certification, building on our already established blast test facility for evaluating protection of armoured vehicles to AEP 55.  This new capability allows for a wide variety of vehicle trials to be undetaken in addition to standard material panel ballistic tests. Vehicle Trials are fully instrumented with blast overpressure, internal pressure, witness boards and accelerometer gauges, together with high-speed and standard video recordings as required. Radnor Range and QinetiQ have been working closely together to deliver a platform blast and ballistic test and certification capability.  Using QinetiQ’s long standing and internationally recognised experience and independence, to plan and conduct the testing and certification process, coupled with the excellent, world class blast and ballistic range facilities at Radnor, we have been able to deliver ballistic and blast test and certification to meet the full range of STANAG, VPAM and VSAG test criteria.
  • We are also now equipped for Fast Fragment Capability (greater than 2,500m per second) via a 50mm Cannon.
  • Radnor Range have joined the WSTC and are currently applying to join the Energetics Expert Advisory Group.
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